Song in the Barrens

This world is to me a wasteland.
I thresh its teeming soil with the power of my denial.
Desires and their glorious growths are turned under,
all the wild prolific flora,
so that all I see horizon-wide
is brown and flat, inert,
forever barren to me.

As I thresh the earth, I cry.
And as I thresh, I sing a song
whose fragments scatter to the sky
like the ravens that I love.

The words:
Where are You, and where are You now…
O Soul of darkness!
O Pearl that forms in the deep waters of my tears!
O Keeper of my heart!
O Hunter, Hunted;
Destroyed, Destroyer, and Undestroyed!
O ungiven Rain in this parched land!
O Life in Whom I long to dive, and die!
O grinding Blade of wisdom, threshing true!
O Mission of my days here, drawing me on!
O Master, Breath, my only Sustenance!
I bear the unbearable sorrow.

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