Author/Artist Samma Negus

Mouth of Fire, Breath of Dreams is a journal of sorts, recording my inner life as a nun/ascetic—one who has forsaken the world and worldly things in order to one-pointedly search for, and inwardly live in, the spiritual realm.

Several years ago, I had a website created to make known my first book’s publication. Now, as Book Two moves toward publication, we have designed a more interactive version we hope you will enjoy.

Here you can learn a little about books one and two and read something of my life and how it led to this offering,  Included are a few drawings from Mouth of Fire, Breath of Dreams, Book One, along with selected poems from the same volume.

Please feel free to leave a message for me in the Comments. I would be interested in your response to the work, as well as any words you might want to share from your own spiritual journey. I hope you will also perhaps participate more fully by helping us spread the word.

Thank you for visiting this site. May your own journey through this life, through what might be called “this-world-not-our-home,” lead you beyond the fires of obstacles and sorrows encountered by us all, to the realization of your own inner dreams.

Samma Negus


  1. I’m looking forward to reading this. Written by my old and dear friend. She has wonderful artistic talent!

  2. It has been a few year since my father Donald Cobb passed away and I’ve been going through his books slowly deciding which to keep. I came across his copy of your book tonight and recall him showing it to me for the first time many years ago in San Leandro. I would oven visit him upstairs in his attic bedroom in the afternoon during my high school years (some thirty odd years ago). He showed my your book there. I could tell he was very moved by it. I hope you’re well.

    Michael Cobb

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