My child’s eyes first were stung by dark
when with dread I saw the world
would take all from me,
nor would there be
more to seek.
Shattered vision turned within,
shards eviscerating dreams.

Later, when my strength had grown,
I sought revenge.
I howling beat with outflung arms
the iron world.
And it resisted me.
knowing the enemy was secretly
but a mudball,
I paused,
encircled it with my arms,
drew it to my breast,
into my heart,
and there
crushed it out.


It gave my heart trouble.
But, more powerful:

This cleared the air,
and I saw you.
You understood, you smiled.
I didn’t know you had come
to avenge life.
With just a light touch, yet spanning the years,
you removed the old pain.
Then you drew me into you, and with your life breath
snuffed out my mind.
Its vanishment left an afterglow
in which hung, indissoluble,
working the universe,
the first and last word you’d spoken to me.

In truth was sown, sweeter than mine,
your own revenge.

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