I Should

Let the world not mislead me
with false directives of “I should.”
I have no duty there; I am not bound or called;
I don’t answer to the strictures
of this life.
In all the plague of conscience we suffer,
there is nothing that compels me,
though thousands of “shoulds”
hover vulture-like,
ready to consume my unfolding days and years.

Only one true “should.”
It blazes over my being,
encindering the false.

I should see your face.
I should know you.
I should taste you,
I should smell your fragrance.
I should hear your voice —
and listen.
I should talk with you —
not only in the dawn and night,
but whenever I speak.
I should smile at you in the intimacy of solitude or crowds,
and as need be, I should cry for you
I should walk with you.
I should touch you,
I should hold you,
I should never leave you.

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